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Dr. Cynthia Raines

Dr. Raines holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and two master's degrees in psychology and mental health counseling. She is licensed as a professional counselor in two states, New Jersey and Florida.

Over the course of her 25-year career as a counselor, consultant, and mental health educator, Dr. Raines has received specialized training and certifications in various clinical areas. Her professional work experience includes but is not limited to community mental health centers, school-based adolescent programs, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, youth detention facilities, drug and alcohol recovery programs, and adult developmental centers.

Dr. Raines' specialty is guiding individuals through challenges resulting from midlife transitions, e.g., career changes, separation, divorce, loss, traumatic events, and personal crises. Despite the fear, anxiety, and anguish that may come with stressful challenges, these are growth opportunities and a time to prioritize your wellness. 


Psychotherapy in her practice involves working collaboratively on your concerns and altering negative thinking and behavioral patterns. Together you will tackle your problems as you learn new coping strategies to tolerate distress.


Dr. Raines understands that reaching out for help can be difficult; her goal is to offer a welcoming and safe environment and simplify the process by helping you begin a journey of hope, health, and healing.

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